Spring Fever and The Eternal Optimist

This blog is dedicated to my father, William Hobart Balter,  whose birthday is today April 20th. My dad was the definition of an optimist… he always saw the bright side of every situation. This trait led him to be hugely successful in all areas of his life. He had a long happy marriage, was the owner of seven department stores, was widely respected as an attorney and was a great father, brother, son and friend to many. The best way to describe him was that he was completely fierce; he never took, “no” for an answer. My mother says that as an attorney he would ONLY take cases if they were completely impossible. He loved the challenge and always expected a fabulously positive outcome.

Every spring I cannot stop thinking about my father- not just because of his birthday but because I look for ways I can incorporate that same optimism into my own life even more fully .  All the personality traits that I so deeply admired about my father I see occurring naturally in Spring.  Hope, optimism, perseverance and renewal accompany the delicious sights and smells of April. 

I was reminded of all this as I walked through my garden where I encountered a lone lily blossoming in a field of agapanthus leaves….  the most amazing lily I have ever seen!! Growing up in Pittsburgh’s long winters, I couldn’t wait to see flowers and even though I have lived in California for quite some time I still have this same intoxicating feeling about Spring. Of course I’m not the only one who is completely taken with the season. Every thought-provoking innovator from Shakespeare to Stravinsky has had something to say about Spring. As humans we are drawn to the natural cycle of rebirth and the opportunity to make ourselves better. Spring fever has me super excited to be working on new music and new projects.

And I do find it downright inspiring that my niece Sophie Egan, who is only 29, has her first book DEVOURED coming out  on May 3rd  . Meanwhile her father, Timothy Egan, has his eighth book THE IMMORTAL IRISHMAN currently at number eight on the New York Times Best Seller list after peaking at number four.  Another Father- Daughter cycle continues…

It's all so divine...Everywhere I look I see that spring has… well…sprung !!!