The Real Deal.... Working with Sandra Bullock

Irwin Winkler’s film “The Net”, my fourth piano coaching credit, was an absolute blast. Everything about it was spot on: my students Sandra Bullock and Diane Baker, the deal Columbia gave me, the respect I received on all fronts and so many little things. It was a really great team to be a part of. I run into Irwin around town, particularly at the Jewish Holidays and we talk about how much fun we had with that film.

The star, Sandra Bullock has continued to be one of my favorite students ever! She was hard working, kind and super fun....A total doll and dream student. Sandra was already a star having been in Jan de Bont’s, “Speed” but it was still early in her career and she was just so cool to be around. Her energy made everyone around her feel just the way I did in this picture of us.

The scene we worked on featured Chopin’s Nocturne Opus 32, No. 1. ..Not an easy piece but she took on the challenge and by the end of our lessons she had it completely mastered (Click Here to See That). The sound you hear on the film is both Sandra and Diane playing… and that says a lot.

When they sent me the script I recommended three Chopin pieces that I knew and had previously performed: Eb major nocturne, B minor waltz and B major nocturne. They did end up choosing a B major nocturne but the wrong one, NOT the one I knew!

And you never know when things will get crossed off your bucket list… The day of the shoot Army Archerd (legendary columnist for Daily Variety) was visiting the set. Two days later I got a call that he had written an article about his set visit  and had even mentioned me. It was a long time goal of mine to be in his column…. And there it was!

When I imagined working in Hollywood, this is definitely how I imagined it... 


Thought I would include a video of me playing the same excerpt of Chopin's B Major Nocturne that Sandra and Diane played. Hope you enjoy it!