Music From My Heart

Music From My Heart… My first album … is clearly that… a labor of love and a life work….  

My Grandfather had this saying on his desk which my Mother liked so much that she had copies made for each of her children… 

“Happiness has a habit of pursuing the person who feels grateful to his God, comfortable with his conscience, in favor with his friends, in love with his labors, and in balance with his banker…”

One of the luckiest parts of my life is that  I’m in love with all that I do.  I have to set an alarm to force myself to stop teaching each and every lesson, and every, single time that alarm goes off, I am amazed at how quickly the time went and always wish there was more … The same with practicing piano or working on various other aspects of my artistic pursuits…. I have to force myself to stop doing them… to absolutely LOVE what you are doing… To totally immerse yourself in what you are doing… That is definitely a key to happiness.

I always think of MUSIC FROM MY HEART around Valentines Day because of the heart of course… and because I played at the Grove’s Valentine Celebration the first year my cd was out…  The last part of the book and CD has a thank you list to all my friends, family and fans. I am so grateful to all the people that supported it in every way and all the love you have showed me. I love you for helping me with this project, which still means so much to me….


Margie B