Striving For Excellence

Here it is…. the beginning of January and a New Year… ahhh …2015

Award show season… the time when things and people are rewarded for being extraordinary. Which means it’s time to think about resolutions and how to do better in life, career and truly re-ignite all thoughts on ... STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE

With the award shows I always feel a complete duplicity: both incredibly inspired and uplifted by all the amazing work and accomplishment, and then … bad … as if I haven’t reached my goals at all and I could be doing so much more.

So what makes for a great artist? Recently while I was preparing one of my best students for her music school college audition/interview we discussed qualities of a great artist and we both agreed that it is that someone who is constantly  striving to do better, someone who is always trying to create more, someone who doesn’t give up, someone who is resourceful in their approach, someone who believes in themselves enough to keep moving ahead daily step by step… someone who is brave and positive…

People see artists and they just think it’s so easy. But… It’s not. Striving for excellence is a total push and requires so much.

People have absolutely no idea of how hard it is to even find those 10,000 hours that it takes …let alone to actually put in the blood, sweat and tears that are part of being a great artist….

It is not just working all day every day but adding gusto, passion, perseverance and lots of sacrifice that moves us up that mountain towards excellence... Even our own families and friends don’t understand how hard it is to constantly be
creating the next show.. and next idea and next pursuit …and still be on top of the game.

So look out 2015…. Here we go… Somehow all that pushing is really satisfying, and with each little inch forward, it keeps us young, energized and hungry as we commit again to that all so important STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE….

Are you with me? #renewedvigorandcommitment

Happy New Year…. xoxo